Sunday, November 11, 2018


Yo' left, yo' left, yo' left, right, left. Your MILITARY left, soldier. 

Oh, you woke up late? Beat your face, soldier. 

You miss your family? Well, Jody is your kids' daddy now, soldier. 

PTSD? What's that? Quit malingering, soldier. 

Suicide?! Not today, soldier. 

We need you to cut the grass. 

You're on the edge. Suck it up, soldier. 

Drunk on duty? You ain't thinking, soldier. 

Seen your battle buddy blown up? He'll get a memorial. 

He'll get a burial. His family will get money. 

His kids get a scholarship. Quit whining, soldier. 

When I got blown up I reported to work the next day. 

Want to end the cycle?! Not today, soldier. 

We got a game to play. It's called war. 

Countries in distress?! We can't help them all, soldier. 

We choose a few. Soon you'll be on your way. 

Want to know how we choose the countries?! Me too, soldier.

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