Monday, November 5, 2018

The end....

The veil falls over my face but I still see the light.
I slowly rise towards it without a fight.
My body is weightless and I follow the light surrounded by darkness.
I do not turn or look back for I have given up the physical.
My spiritual has taken the place of my mental.
This transcendence engulfs me in a light brighter than flames.
This must be it.
The way a life ends.
The way we find ourselves in the next place.
Limbo must be short or I skipped the line.
I've floated up straight to the great divine.
I accept my fate with a smile on my face.
This must have been the warmest embrace.
Before it's all over, I fall back to where I started.
Swaying gently like a leaf that has dearly departed.
Separated from the great tree that it once was one.
Away from the light. Away from the sun.
I open my eyes from the deepest slumber.
Wide awake and full of wonder.
Thank you creator, you have been my savior. You've granted me another day.
I arise with much haste for there is no time to waste.
I've been given another day.
A new beginning where it was once the end.

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