Sunday, December 2, 2018


She knew her time had come.
It'd been a long month but she enjoyed the rest.
Enjoyed the break.
Enjoyed the darkness.
Now she needed more room.
Needed to be free.
Needed to breakthrough.
She tried but to no avail.
She tried again, tried hard to sail.
She broke through this time.
She flew and flew like a beautiful dancer in the sky.
She looked up in the sky for him but she could not find him.
She looked below and there he was.
She wondered why he was the same.
Why, as a caterpillar, would he remain?
"I have changed," the caterpillar said.
"I've transformed too. Just like you."
She smiled and flew, for she knew.
Lies he told was all he could do.
He did not change. He'd never be a butterfly.
She flew away, without a goodbye. 

T&E Thursday part 💬

 🥴🥴 Let's just say the 1st 2 weeks were anomalies....🤔🤔 or maybe this week is the anomaly because I have NOT been on it. Idk what ha...