Monday, February 11, 2019

The interview: transcript

Interviewer: How did you get started writing?
Me: I've been writing. Been writing my whole life. Ever since I learned to write the alphabet.
Interviewer: Ok, ok but how did you get started writing poetry?
Interviewer: Well.....oh no, you're at a loss for words?
((Papers shuffle))
Interviewer: What about writing books? Or the scripts you write? Your films are very successful.
((clears throat))
Me: I started....oh, and thank you for mentioning my films by the way...((clears throat again)).....well, I started with the hate that I held in my heart. I used to say poetry was like the lowest form of writing to me but I lied. I tried and it didn't work in my favor soo i tossed poetry to the side like a leftover. Like it meant nothing to me when in fact it was jealousy that made me act like a brat. Poetry allowed me to be the freest I could be. Painting pictures but ending it just long enough for it to be more like a cliffhanger. Leaving you wanting more when there is nothing left. Opening a door to a beautiful world only for you to step through the threshold and see it was merely a window next to another door and now you have to wait there until I give you more. My books go deep, deeper than my scripts. Only experienced swimmers need to read them. ((Waves hand back and forth)) Don't get me wrong. My poems ain't no kiddie pool. You'd be a fool to think that's where this goes. My poems are more like a puddle who's depth you'd never know until you step in and you either sink or swim. You see, I love poetry. I learned this recently. It's words with a rhythm over a beat. It may even be something you play on repeat. It's just a dance I do in my head and it becomes something I share instead. Akin to a beautiful ballad but not the same. This poetry thing has been calling my name. I got started because I heard the beat. I did my dance and now I can't stop my feet. The words just flow effortlessly. I know the moves without practicing. The beat changes and I go along with it. Until the song is over and I rest until the next one.
Interviewer: Wow didn't expect such a poetic answer.
Me: Well you know, it's what I do. Had to send an ode to a love that's true.
Interviewer: ((leans into the mic)) Stay tuned. There's more with Meadow after the commercial break. 

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