Saturday, February 16, 2019

Trailblazer's oath

See, I have found my purpose.
My whole reason for being.
It came at a time when things could not be seen.
In the darkest of nights, came the brightest light.
One that had no source in sight.
No electricity.
No candles.
No woods to burn in a shadowy flame.
It was just me, shining so bright.
If the darkness never came, I wouldn't have found my light.
I have found my purpose as I said before.
I'm here to keep the lights on for just a little more.
I'm the Shepard lighting the way for little, lost sheep.
They need to see their way home.
They need to see their way onto the next part of journey.
I light their way in the greatest of plight.
My purpose is simple and effortless, it is true.
But I think I have the most important duty to do.
For one of these could be the next Malcolm X.
One little sheep that could have done less had I not been there to light the way.
To spark their little heart's flame for them to see the day.
The day when they set their mind to making the impossible come true.
I am no ordinary Shepard. Please don't get confused.
I am a trailblazer. The path I light is different.
It's not well lit because it has not been paved yet.
I light the way for sheep that make trails of their own.
The beaten path calls no name that I know.
Me and my sheep all walk the same way.
Down paths that should have been filled with shame.
We own it and embrace it. Branded on us in pride.
Swimming through deep waters and climbing up hills, I light their flames again if they cannot maintain.
We keep going until we cant anymore. Only stopping when we reach death's door.
My sheep will continue if they live past me. Their new shepherd flame shines bright as can be.
I won't be forgotten because all shepard's are the same.
Shepard trailblazer, that's the name.

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