Saturday, February 2, 2019

What do you like?!

"Hey, woman. What do you like?"
I think for a second.
What do i like?!
What do i like?!
Well, i like to go where my man goes.
He likes to watch football and game shows.
He likes how i did it all before he came home.
He likes the clean house and the food i cook.
He likes that i took care of every nook.
He doesn't have to lift a finger.
He gave me this ring to always remember.
The look on your face says it all.
I'm sorry, did i say something wrong?!
Oh yes, now i remember.
You want to know what i like.
I like when my son goes to bed.
He lays his little head on my chest.
After a long day, he goes to sleep right away.
I like how he feels safe with me.
Or how he wants to read with me.
I like how his face curls up when i give him foods he finds yucky.
Or how he likes when i can't stand when he's muddy.
I like that he's pleasant and happy and nice.
Made with everything but sugar and spice.
I like that he's my son and this is my family.
I like how they're happy to see each other when my man and i get home from work.
I like how i do it all so they don't have to move a muscle.
I know they're tired from the hustle and bustle.
You're looking at me again.
Did i not answer the question?
Am i missing the point?
Do you have some suggestions?!
What do i like?!
Well i don't know.
I think you're the first to ask, ya know.
I guess if i had to choose it would be something simple.
I like little things.
I like the wind and the way it blows.
I like to sit in my window watching snow.
I like the sun and the way it makes the grass grow.
I like how my man looks at me when i know what he likes.
I like how my son reminds me that i can have a life.
I like how my family remembers that i matter too.
That i shouldn't get lost in the sauce just because i make a way for them to do the things they do.
I like how my body isn't quite the same since i last put on my wedding dress.
It's gotten quite used and abused before i tied my tubes.
I love how my man treats me like I'm soo damn fine and my child looks at me like I'm divine.
I like how i can wear all these hats and still be me.
I like how i don't get lost or doubted or shamed by society.
I like how i didn't lose my dreams after becoming a wife.....
Or a mother.
I like how i remain immersed in peace and serenity.

Most of all, i like me.

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