Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Black Woman, you are WONDERFUL!

So I know I've strayed away from the poetry but my words still hold the same weight.
My passion is still the same.
My feelings are still invested.
Today, I just want to say that the Black Woman is EVERYTHING!!
Sister, you are the Sun. The Moon. The Earth.
You are the end and the beginning.
You bring life and love to this world no matter how much this world tries to tear you down.
Do NOT forget yourself, sister. I will always be here to help you adjust your crown. You do not have to look for yourself in the movies, songs, or social media.
The gross under-representation of the Black Woman in all her glory, and all her shades, shows that this world still does not appreciate us.
Sister, I need you to look for you in the mirror.
See you.
See your beauty.
See your love.
See your worth.
You are worth it.
And every day that the sun rises.
So remember to LOVE YOU! I know I do!!

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