Sunday, May 12, 2019

Who's a mother?!

Today is such a special day. The creators of this world get recognized.....but it sparks so much controversy. Why does the definition have to be so limited when ALL women have the same nurturing abilities?! Some use them more than others, of course, but all are capable. It doesn't matter if you pushed out a child. As long as your nurturing spirit is alive, thriving, and inspiring, then this day is for you. Thank you to all the adoptive mothers, foster mothers, pet mothers, the aunts who act like mamas, the stepmothers, the Godmothers, the grandmothers, and the mothers who birth the children. You ALL are AMAZING!! That loss of sleep, the worrying, the countless prayers over the life of your baby, the hopes that your baby lives the longest happiest and healthiest life possible do not skip ANY mother. I appreciate you all. Keep up the good work. Keep nurturing. The world needs you. ❤

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