Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Interstellar: A Landon Falls Love Series
Lisa has always been focused.
Focused on school.
Focused on adjusting to life in America.
Focused on reaching her goal of being an architect.
Lisa was living the life……until her dad decided to give her the ultimatum.

“Move back to Jamaica or get cut off financially.”

Determined to make it on her own, Lisa set out to prove she could take care of herself, starting with the job of a lifetime………with Thomas.

Enter Thomas Deneira.
He’s the complete package.
Own business.
Sexy smile.
Thomas and Joy have been on the rocks for years but neither of them knew how to let go. When Lisa enters the picture, things go from bad to worse.

Interstellar is the exciting sequel to Shockwave, telling the story of a love triangle full of lies, deceit, and co-parenting. How could life ever be right in the life of a woman who has never owned anything? How could a man who doesn’t consider it cheating if it only happens one time ever be the man for Lisa? When Lisa meets Thomas, her world is turned upside down. Lisa struggles to love her little bundle of joy, Alexei, while trying to deal with Thomas and Joy. Could life get any harder? Is Lisa really happy with Thomas or is she using him as a way to stay in the United States? Torn between following the safe path with her parents or embarking on a dangerous one with Thomas, Lisa begins an interstellar journey, one where her life will never be the same.

Thursday, July 25, 2019


You came here yesterday.
I don't know what you want me to say.
A snake bit you today?
So did one yesterday.
Have you been in the grass?
I told you to stay away.
Snakes live there.
They love to play.
And play.
And play until you go away.
I cant help you.
I don't know what you want.
The snake will bite you tomorrow too.
You're bandaged up.
Do you want the snake to see?
You just look like a meal to me.
The snake is not sorry.
There is no guilt.
The snake will bite your bandage with no remorse.
You want to show the snake you can forgive. That's nice.
The snake does not forget.
Snakes strike when you're weakest.
They want no forgiveness.
When you see what snakes are, listen.
The hiss tells you all you need to know. Gooooooooo!

Monday, July 22, 2019


I feel you even tho I don't know where you are.
Have you seen me?
Do you hear me?!
Can you feel me?
Have you passed me?
What do you look like?
Are we meant to be or is the string that binds us long enough for us to be apart forever....

Tuesday, July 16, 2019


 Don't mistake these scars for something else. I'm fully capable of handling myself.
These are not signs of battles lost.
They are just the price. I paid the cost.
I love these scars the way they are.
They're signs of how I've come so far.
My life is a therapy session at all times. Everything I'm going through, I'm growing through.
The my life is like an open wound right now.
Don't let the wording scare you.
It's wonderful.
It started as a papercut.
Painful and unnerving.
Every touch, every word, every look burning.
I dug deeeper as I yearned for the pain to go away.
Discarding every bandaid I used to think could mask the pain.
The wound it grew into cut deep to the bone.
No bandage strong enough to stop the bleeding.
All I could do is clean it.
Avoid infections.
And Disease.
And the Negative.
All I could do was heal.
The scars that come are beautiful.
Not flawless like before but the skin is brand new.
All mine to love and appreciate.
Because I know I did it the right way.
I'm waiting on this wound.
It'll take some time.
That's fine.
I'm worth the wait.
I'm still healing.

Saturday, July 13, 2019

My Sun

I love how are conversations are always about the sun and the moon.
Or the flowers in bloom.
Or the sand in out toes.
Or the rocks in our shoes.
Or how bedtime seems to come a little too soon.
I revolve around you like the sun to a planet.
Rising and setting in time for you.
One day, this will be you telling a planet of your own how the universe once seemed to small to you.
Like a sun to you, close enough to feel it's warm embrace.
But time has come and now you've grown.
Now you've become a sun of your own.
One day, you'll be a universe too, with open arms for planets growing lightyears after you. ❤

Thursday, July 11, 2019

I hope....

I hope you're happy and the clouds don't turn grey.
I hope your smile never turns anyone away.
I hope you laugh, even in moments alone.
I hope your happy in every ounce of every bone.
I hope that time spent comes with honesty and truth.
And occasionally, a joke that has some truth at it's root.
With some glow and some love and a little motivation,
I hope that you make it through every transformation.
I hope you find the one who knows who you are.
Every tear, every silence, every little scar.
The one who makes your world complete.
The one who knows you won't have to compete.
The one who helps you recover from it all.
The one who won't ever let you fall.
Before you begin to search near or far,
I hope you remember what you are.
Since hope isn't real, I'll say this instead.
I know you'll remember that all this is in your head.
You are that one that I hoped you would find.
The one who gets paired with someone just as divine.
A matched made in heaven of just you two.
The two of you, complete, meshing to become one.
A mirror to show what's cracks might exist.
Providing the glue to mend anything that needs fixed.
I know you've heard me and you've found the one.
The one who reminds you to shine your light long after the sun.

T&E Thursday part 💬

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