Tuesday, July 16, 2019


 Don't mistake these scars for something else. I'm fully capable of handling myself.
These are not signs of battles lost.
They are just the price. I paid the cost.
I love these scars the way they are.
They're signs of how I've come so far.
My life is a therapy session at all times. Everything I'm going through, I'm growing through.
The my life is like an open wound right now.
Don't let the wording scare you.
It's wonderful.
It started as a papercut.
Painful and unnerving.
Every touch, every word, every look burning.
I dug deeeper as I yearned for the pain to go away.
Discarding every bandaid I used to think could mask the pain.
The wound it grew into cut deep to the bone.
No bandage strong enough to stop the bleeding.
All I could do is clean it.
Avoid infections.
And Disease.
And the Negative.
All I could do was heal.
The scars that come are beautiful.
Not flawless like before but the skin is brand new.
All mine to love and appreciate.
Because I know I did it the right way.
I'm waiting on this wound.
It'll take some time.
That's fine.
I'm worth the wait.
I'm still healing.

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