Thursday, July 11, 2019

I hope....

I hope you're happy and the clouds don't turn grey.
I hope your smile never turns anyone away.
I hope you laugh, even in moments alone.
I hope your happy in every ounce of every bone.
I hope that time spent comes with honesty and truth.
And occasionally, a joke that has some truth at it's root.
With some glow and some love and a little motivation,
I hope that you make it through every transformation.
I hope you find the one who knows who you are.
Every tear, every silence, every little scar.
The one who makes your world complete.
The one who knows you won't have to compete.
The one who helps you recover from it all.
The one who won't ever let you fall.
Before you begin to search near or far,
I hope you remember what you are.
Since hope isn't real, I'll say this instead.
I know you'll remember that all this is in your head.
You are that one that I hoped you would find.
The one who gets paired with someone just as divine.
A matched made in heaven of just you two.
The two of you, complete, meshing to become one.
A mirror to show what's cracks might exist.
Providing the glue to mend anything that needs fixed.
I know you've heard me and you've found the one.
The one who reminds you to shine your light long after the sun.

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