Sunday, October 27, 2019


I love how you trip over your own two feet.
How you find a way to fall out of the seat.....after you've already gotten up but decided to try your luck.
To see where things get you.
Stretching beyond.
Into the darkness without a fear in the world.
I love how you leap over obstacles.
And encourage others to do the same.
To live life to the fullest.
And promise to eliminate the pain.
Or how you found your passion and express it daily.
When you spend all your time laughing gaily.
I love how you want to be loved and won't admit that you're scared to.
How you have a shield soo big, you think no one can get to you.
But it's a shield, not a wall.
I simply walk around to see that frown and turn it upside down.
To show you that the shield is a mirror and really, I am you.
To know you.
To show you.
I love you.

Too many times we shy away and close ourselves off because of certain things we see in others or even the world, not realizing that we're looking at a reflection of self. I used to see pictures of myself and the light looked soo dim. I used to look at the world and the people around me. There wasn't a light in sight. I sought to change that but I struggled. Tried my hardest to spark the light in others but things stayed dim. I tried harder but it still didn't work. I threw my hands up in defeat and I realized that the image I'd been seeing did the same. I'd been seeing myself the whole time. The world, the people in my life, they're all a reflection of ME. I changed me and my world changed. I bettered myself and my world lit up. I grew and I am happy!!❤💛❤

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