Sunday, November 3, 2019

The ride

And then you died.
And as much as I hate to admit it, I cried.
But we know how this ends soo let's begin again.
I just want to enjoy the ride.
The highs and the lows
As the tide comes and goes
The adreline rush from the feelings this ride gives me
As we teeter over the edge, waiting on the plunge
You grab my hand the moment my lungs fill with air
Only to squeeze a little tighter when I scream the whole way down
Never admitting whether or not you got scared
You're braver than me
It's obvious as I stumble to keep up
Running behind you as you walk towards the sun
The ride is over and all I see is light
Or the night
Or your shadow
Or your protection
Something that makes the end a little easier.
I'm sitting here, wiping away tears and fears
Thinking back to the beginning.
We know how it ends.
We rode it til the wheels feel off

And then I died.

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