Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Justice......or love?!

Justice and love are really good friends.
Justice protects love.
Justice wins again.
But justice hurt love, what a crazy plot twist.
Justice and love cannot coexist.
Justice comes with an eye for an eye.
How do you love someone after you made them cry?
Do you help learn to live with the eye they have left?
Do you make them see why they had to lose an eye?
Do they know why they paid? Why you made them cry?
Justice, oh justice is a cruel, cruel friend but maybe, just maybe, they're one that loves you to the end.
How can love live in a world so objective?
A world where our friendship doesn't exist once wrong is involved.
Forget all the times that I helped you evolve.
Or you helped me when I was down and out.
Sick and mucking about.
The times when I helped you deliver your baby.
Or bury your family.
Justice is justice and nothing else.
Justice takes your arm when the time comes....

Justice and love will never be one.

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