Tuesday, May 12, 2020


Early morning antics give me time to sit back and look at this ball of light that I've created.
Energy moving soo fast that the time past.
I'm wondering where it all went.
My memories flood back.
I remember that it went to the winter, and the fall, and the spring, and the summer before that.
The one where I taught you how to act and walk and talk.
I watched you smile and sleep.
Now you're out here teaching me about the shapes, the colors, the stars and the moon.
How to soar.
How to just be more.
How to stand tall in my purpose, even when I'm a little nervous.
I love you more than you could imagine.
The greatest being that ever happened.
Every day with you is special.
Every day takes the cake.
Every day feels like Mother's Day!!!

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