Monday, June 29, 2020

The Fountain of Youth

Because sometimes I think I'm too young for "crow's feet" 🤔🤔but then I remember that  I have a 4 year old && I usually look tired because  I stay up late trying to work on my personal/professional goals ((or occasionally catch up on a show that I can't watch when @just.jamelw is awake)). 😊😊😊 31 with "crow's feet" is just fine with me. I'm completely okay with having it show that I could use a nap after I've spent the whole day living it up. This set comes from an impromptu roadtrip to soak up some rays while cleansing in the sea. My spirit was in need of a trip to the water. 😏😏😏 I can rest tomorrow!!! #livingmybestlife #crowsfeet #improturoadtrips #HiltonheadIsland #nofilter

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