Friday, June 19, 2020


So my baby boy is on a trip and every break I get is considered a vacation in my eyes.....Of course I don't give my self the whole break that I should. I relax. I sleep. I eat well. Shower good. Do my hair. Take care of me. Rest my brain and my body......but I still think on some things.

I think about the future. The moments when he'll be taller than me. When he won't be my little man anymore. He'll have friends, more than he does now. He'll have a phone. A car. Places to go. People to see. A girlfriend. A wife. A house. A life. Health. Happiness. Prosperity. Everything I want for him.

Those are mostly happy thoughts for me. It's slightly sad when I remember he'll never be my baby again. Never fit in my lap again. Or my arms. Or my belly. But I appreciate it all the same.

These thoughts lead me to appreciate the parent I am able to be just that much more. It also makes me appreciate the parents whose children need extra care, love, and attention. Who lose sleep plenty of nights worry for their children, taking care of their children, working for their children. Parents are real life superheros. Your children definitely see your superpowers. I'm grateful for you all to be in this world. I'm grateful for this moment of reflection so close to father's day. Have a safe, happy weekend everyone!!❤🥰

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