Wednesday, July 8, 2020

John Wick

You... uh..."working" again?

John Wick:
No, just sorting some stuff out.

Except.....I am working again. Working harder than ever. In more ways than I expected. I'm still trying to figure out where I found the time but I don't dwell on it because I am BEYOND grateful that I found the time.

Found the time to meditate daily.
Found the time to say my affirmations daily.

Found the time to write BOOK NUMBER 3 ((shameless plug😏😏)).

Found the time to manage 3 IG accounts && continue to share the rawest pieces of me, little by little.
Found the time to raise my child.

Found the time to live life with him. Appreciate the sun and fun with him.
Found the time to have mommy friends.
Found the time for playdates and health and sleep.

Found the time to eat ((because moms rarely have that)).

I even found time to myself.

This post was for gratitude and reflection and a moment to pat myself on the back and give myself a hug.
I found the time to find balance and that was my greatest achievement of all.

I listen to my self and my body.

I hear the cues for tired, emotional, unhealthy, anxiety ((which has been on high lately)), stressed, projecting, and taking on feelings or behaviors that aren't my own.

Breaks happen often. Sometimes days pass without me "working" again but I hear the cues when it's time to get the ball rolling.

I found the key. I realized that balance isn't a lack of down days or a constant happiness or high. It's going with the flow. Embracing the ups and the downs while not letting either one last long enough to burn me out or kill my creativity or make me forget to focus.

I found my flow. Like any other flow, there are some moments when it's free flowing like the ocean or wild like the Rapids or slow like a small creek or blocked like a dam is in the way.

Each day I appreciate the flow as it is.
That is key.💖


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