Sunday, September 13, 2020

Solar return 32.5

 This kid of mine is so divine

And sublime 

And all that good stuff

But the part that really has me is the time you asked me to hug you as tight as I can.

Laying in bed, your little eyes twinkling, fighting back yawns and dreams, you ask me if I'm gonna hug you like this forever 

My heart melts at the thought. 

If I could I would. 

I've always dreamed of a love that never ended. Never broken. 

Never deterred or soiled. 

Always true and I found that with you. 

But what you don't know, kid, is that even though you see forever with me, that can't be. 

As you grow up, you leave like a baby bird's first time out the tree. 

You're gonna soar high, higher than me to your reason for being, just like me. 

I'm soo glad for you, kid, I really am. 

That love waiting for you is even deeper than the one you have for me. 

One day you'll see.
And then that kid will wanna spend forever with me too.... 

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